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Guide: from July 8 to 11, Zhongxun holdings unveiled its new products at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo. Combined with Italian technology, Zhongxun launched 60% of its new products at the exhibition, representing the highest level in China at present

Introduction: on July 8-11, Zhongxun holdings appeared at the 18th Guangzhou Construction Expo with its new products. Gan Senqiang, the marketing director, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of Huiya information home hotline that Zhongxun combined Italian technology to launch 60% of the new products at the exhibition, representing the highest level in China at present

interview guest: Gan Senqiang, marketing director of Zhongxun Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Gan! Every year, the Guangzhou Construction Expo is the focus of the industry. Every enterprise will bring its most advantageous products to the exhibition for display. So what products does Zhongxun bring this time

president Gan: this time, our company combines Italian technology, and 60% of the products launched at the exhibition are new products, which represent the highest level of products in China, and can be said to be unique at present. Innovation is in the most important position in our company. Mr. Qin Wei, chairman of the board, also attaches great importance to innovation. We also often visit some European countries and introduce a technology source from Italy to help us reach the international level in innovation

home hotline: at a time when homogenization is very serious, all enterprises are looking for some breakthrough methods. Service has become a very good entry point. How does your company build its service sector

President Gan: that's a good question. Service is also the most important core competitiveness of our company. Now the product competition is very homogeneous. While launching new products, the company also pays attention to the improvement of service. We have 39 operation centers in China, and each operation center has its own independent marketing team and storage center, so our supply efficiency has also been greatly improved. Customers have needs, just a phone call, basically one day products can reach customers there. To make the best of our channel sinking service is also an important part of our future service improvement

home hotline: since the beginning of the year, "craftsman spirit" has been frequently mentioned by everyone. Various enterprises are talking about this topic. We want to know your view on craftsman spirit, and how to implement this spirit in practical work

President Gan: at present, the manufacturing industry is facing great confusion, mainly facing the situation of the domestic and international environment, including the Internet + which has a certain impact on our manufacturing industry. Zhongxun has been focusing on the production of artificial stones for 16 years. The experience of 16 years has taught us how to make better innovation in the production process. With automation and intelligence, we can speed up the production. First, we can meet the needs of the market. Second, we can ensure the health and safety of products and create value for customers. This is our interpretation of the craftsman spirit

home hotline: this year, Guangzhou Construction Expo has held its 18th session, which is also the adult ceremony of the Expo. Do you have any blessings for our CCPIT Expo

President Gan: our company has also participated in the Guangzhou Construction Expo for several years, and the effect is also very good. This Construction Expo is the largest in China and Asia, and its scale, number and influence have reached an unprecedented height. We Zhongxun took nearly 400 square meters of booth to promote this time, and achieved very good exhibition results. Here, I also wish our Guangzhou Construction Expo a happy 18th birthday and better and better in future activities. We will always support and follow the development and growth of CCPIT





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